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Datt Medicproducts (DMP) catering to a large range of medical textile and advance wound care products which conform to the high standards of international quality. VEL NeXT ™(NPWT) has a unique capacity of wound healing, covering a range of acute and chronic wounds. NPWT is a therapeutic technique of using a vacuum to promote wound healing in acute or chronic conditions, reduces edema, enhances microcirculation, and improves tissue growth & contracts wound. VEL NeXT ™ serves the purpose of cleaning large wounds, preventing any further spread of internal degradation and infections, if any. Its technology is engineered to deliver comfortable, massaging negative pressure for best results and patient comfort.
We also representing B Braun stoma bags for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the colostomy type. The skin protector of the Proxima® closed 1-piece bags offers optimal skin protection, flexibility and comfort and is designed for frequent bag changes. The bags are made of  for more discretion and comfort. The Proxima® 2 two-piece drainable bags can be combined with different wafers to adapt to ostomate's needs. The . 
Flexima Active is a 1-piece range which offers a patented skin protector which makes you feel the difference: Its high cohesion network provides immediate adhesivity, protects the skin and presents low risk of residue. The low profile skin protector of this 1-piece range is very comfortable to wear and adapts easily to all body contours giving users a sensation of second skin. Flexima® 3S is a 2-piece range with a guided mechanical coupling system for an easy positioning of the stoma bag onto the wafer.
B Braun Linovera® is a solution of hyperoxygenated fatty acids (HOFA) used in the prevention and repair vunerable skin and Stage I pressure ulcers. Due to the high percentage of linoleic acid, its repairing action is increased. The plant extracts – aloe vera and centella asiatica – have a major protecting and healing effect on the skin.
B Braun Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solutions can be used for preventing infections in acute and chronic wounds including traumatic wounds; post-operative wounds; chronic skin ulcers (e.g. venous, diabetic or pressure ulcers); 1st and 2nd degree burns.

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