Technical and Preventive Maintenance

UITM’s technical personnel has the capabilities to perform preventive maintenance work on the equipments we represent and maintain close links to the biomedical departments from major hospitals.

Advanced Care Nursing Services

Advanced Care Nursing Services is an extension of service division from our Advanced Care Sales Division whom has considerable footprints in both the government and private hospital sector in therapeutic area of enterostomal, incontinence and wound management.   Our nursing services’ aim is to work in coordination with a patient’s family members and physician (if necessary) to ensure the highest level of nursing care possible. It is our vision to enhance the recovery and comfortability from their illnesses of those we serves.

Nursing care services that enable patients to receive acute care and chronic care at the comfort of their home have proven effective in reducing complications and ensure a more well-rounded treatment for patient. Our services are focused on Ostomy Management and Wound Management for patients after their discharge from hospitals. Our nurses are well experienced, certified and professionally trained.

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Regulatory Service


  • General medical device; IVD; medical devicedrug interphase
  • Device Classification
  • Technical File Preparation, CSDT
  • Technical Document Submission
  • Post-market surveillance


  • New Drug Products, biologics; generics, health supplements; natural products; medical device-drug interphase; OTC; cosmetic
  • Strategic Regulatory Consulting
  • Dossier management
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • Pharmacovigilance
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